My mediums are oil paint, pencil, charcoal and any other mark making tool I have around. I paint and draw exclusively on wood panels that I build myself. I enjoy working in my woodshop almost as much as creating artwork in my studio. I am constantly challenging myself by new artwork based on memories and impermanence, juxtaposing mediums and textures, and the stress-strain response of the artwork when met with chisels and other tools.

I have three ongoing series of grackles, landscapes and bicycles that are inspired by Austin, TX and the landscape around where I live. I have a love hate relationship with the notorious grackle of Austin’s HEB parking lots. I started taking photos of the birds on a fence in my backyard and then painting them on wood panels.  Initially I liked the irony of giving such prestige to what most people consider a pest.  Now it has become a way too serious study in grackle behavior.  My charcoal landscapes of West Texas are inspired from the photos I take from the car window while driving. I love riding my bike and decided to capture random bikes I saw around East Austin in pencil drawings.

I have a BFA from James Madison University in Virginia and attended Texas Tech University graduate program to instruct blind people how to travel independently with a cane (Orientation and Mobility Specialist). I currently make artwork when not teaching blind adults. I have lived in Austin since 2005 via Boston and other cities. I live with my husband who is an artist and musician, Squidrabbit, and our young daughter, Greta, and two goldfish.